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PPMA Auction

Wednesday, May 6th

The Pershing Park Memorial Association (PPMA) will conduct on May 6, 2015, an all-day auction of military collectibles and paraphernalia. The items being auctioned off were donated to PPMA by an anonymous person and will be used to raise funds for the General Pershing Museum.

Items for sale will range from World War One era military songs sheet music, extensive World War Two Commemorative illustrated pillow cases, military knives and bayonets, framed and unframed World War One - Vietnam era pictures, military clothing, US Army Victrola, and a multitude of other military items. All items have been in secure storage and are in good condition.

The auction will be held at the General Pershing Museum.


Auction Items

Pershing Memorial Museum and Leadership Archives

John J. Pershing was the only living officer in the history of the United States authorized to wear six stars with the rank of General of the Armies of the United States. His name must be known by all Americans - every veteran, every school child. We are the generation that will insure his name is firmly planted in the hearts, minds and history of our country.

The Pershing name must not be lost to history.

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